Check for empty fields

Im trying to create a Process that will run a health check on an Object.
In this case the Object is a request-form and we want to make sure all fields are completed.
The general question is How to create a Decision Swith that test a filed for “null”.
In particular, when I try to run a test on an Multiple Check Boxes field (field equals ), I get this error:

Thanks in advance.

Hi Gonzalo Floria,

You can apply “Validations” rule to make sure that fields are filled with details.

Access path: GearIcon > Customization > Objects > {object} > Validations

Example for Text Field:
IF(ISBLANK(field_name), false, true)

Making use of Decision Switch for Multicheckbox field for empty values:-

For a decision Switch, create branches and specify criteria for each branch by double clicking on an arrow coming from the it.
While specifying the criteria to handle the empty value for multicheckbox, select an operator “contains” for this field with value as ‘’(single quotation marks) and handle all multicheckbox values in another branch to continue process further if it contains values.

Shashank G

Is it possible to use layout rules for multi select picklists or multi select checkboxes? If so could someone share the syntax for checking if a specific values is chosen.

Hi Kevin Gutch,

Layout rules does not support multi select picklists, multiple checkboxes and multi object lookups. You can check the types supported by the layout rules at the link below.

For more info:

Prajwal Mathad