Changing the master password IS


I’m a little surprised to have to ask you this question… but…
After reasding the IS documentation, I’ve undertook to change the master IS Administrator password.

So I went in Security > Outbound Passwords, and click on the “update master password” option, and saved my changes.

But, after logged off, and then logged in, the new password does not work (the previous one does).

So, I’ve tried to closed all the sessions, shuted down and restarted the IS… but it is the same thing…

So do I miss something please ?


PS : I did the same thing for the Administrator user in MWS, and it works great.

Please give a try with the below steps:

  • Go to http://<ESB_Server>:ESB_port
  • Under Security > User Management, select Administrator and click change password
  • Under Packages > Management, select WmTaskClient (Home-Symbol) and change password
  • Under Packages > Management, select WmMonitor (Home-Symbol) and change password
  • Under Settings > Remote Servers, select Remote Servers Alias and change password


Please use below link to download the Administrator guide

Go through the page number- 448,449,450

Thanks a lot, MR, I never saw the very little link “change password” :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, Krishna, thanks, but I’ve read this chapter before to write on the forum : but I thought the changing outbound password explained in 448->450, was sufficient, but no… :-/


Good to know that you have resolved the issue, I thought your asking for outbound password. Yes, In case of IS password (not only administrator ,any user), have to follow the path that has suggested by MR.

I’ve thought that the master password, outbound password and the Administrator password, was the same thing.
In best practices, Outbound password and Administator have to be different ?

Glad to hear issue got resolved :smiley: . My pleasure to help the members.

@Krishna, can you share your mail id if possible or write to


Both are different -

The Outbound Passwords screen displays the properties and status of the master password, which is used to encrypt outbound passwords. Outbound passwords are passwords required by other entities, such as proxy servers and database servers, to connect to them. For example, when a user request requires use of a database server, the Integration Server must send a password to that database server in order to connect to it.
Note: If you have lost your master password, see the Reset All Outbound Passwords Screen.
To open the Outbound Passwords screen, click Outbound Passwords under the Security menu on the Navigation panel.
Click Update Master Password to change the master password.
Click Update Expiration Interval to change the expiration interval of the master password.
Expiration Date
Displays the date the master password will expire.
Expiration Interval (in days)
Displays the number of days that the master password remains valid after it is changed. The default is 90 days.
Number of Days to Expiration
Displays the number of days left till the master password expires.
Displays the status of the current password. The status can be displayed as: Active, Expired, or Will Expire Soon

Thanks for these informations.