Changing the look of the Select Row on click component


i would like to be able to change the default display of the Select Row component: like the background color, foreground color but there is no stylesheet property availalbe

I manage to found one element in the skin stylesheet that affects the look of the component but still is not enough to achieve the desired outcome.

If we want to use this component are we stuck with the default look?


Stephane Gingras

We have acheived this functionality without using Select Row - we have a list screen, we have acheived the click functionality using javascript and we are changing the look of selected row on the basis of css returned by the server side code.

That’s a good approach. If you do use the SelectRowOnClick control, you can customize the name of the css class to use for selected rows via the table or list control’s (expert Display) “Selected Row CSS Class” property; the default is “portlet-section-selected”. The css class used for the focused row (the row the user currently has clicked) is hardcoded to “caf-focus”. You can use your own css stylesheet to customize the display of these classes, or you can customize the skin properties of an mws skin.

The following skin properties affect the display of the “portlet-section-selected” css class:
selection-selected (foreground-color)
selection-selected-bg (background-color)

The only skin property which affects the display of the “caf-focus” css class is the the “section-focus-bg” Color property (the background-color).