Changing the database type for trading networks

Can database type for the trading networks be changed from internal to external once it is installed with the default option (internal) ? If yes then what are the steps that are needed to be done to make this happen. Is it documented somewhere ?

Just open your TNConsole, click on Tools->Database Setup and then choose in drop down -> Built-In, click OK. The server will be restarted.


Thanks Faith for the help. Don’t I need to create some logging tables before I change my database from internal to external. Are there any scripts available for that.

i have my own defined FlatFile format for which i have created the schema in the wM developer and have tested it works fine.

Now my question is how do i send this document to TN and process it?

i am new to TN but have configured and enabled the partners one is the receiveing comany and other is the sending company, along with this i have defined the document type for my “PO” and the processing rules.

now what to do?


Rahul :

Read the installation document carefully. It explains all the steps.
Yes, there are scripts to create the tables and you have to do this before you change your database settings. These scripts are located in ‘common’ folder (if I remember well).

You will also need to install the Sequelink database driver.

The scripts are unders webMethods/db directory. Be careful when you do such changes,
All the best!

I am using TN with Built in database option. But Sometimes it runs some times it gives error while starting up service tn.wm.admin.startup service that:

0006A7 [B2BUNKW.TRANET.1908] There was a database error fetching the model version information from your database.
0006A8 [B2BUNKW.TRANET.9998] Exception => Failed to start database TradingNetworks, see the next exception for details.
SQL Exception: Failed to start database ‘TradingNetworks’, see the next exception for details.

Can any body help me regarding this.
Thanks in Advance

A small suggestion, Set the server debug log level to a higher value. [watt.debug.level parameter] and monitor the error log as well. May be you will be able to gather more useful information.


There are times when the built in database - Cloudscape behaves inconsistently. I wish I could help more, but we need more info about the error. Are you able to run the admin:startup immedietly after the error occurs? and is it successful?