Changing the Corporation Name of a Trading Partner Profile

Am I correct in understanding that I can change the Corporation Name of a Trading Partner without any adverse consequences ?

I’m new to the organisation that I work for, and have only just discovered that the Corporation Name of several partners is not the Legal Entity name of the Partner. There are plenty of Excel spreadsheets that I’ve acquired that contain the Legal Entity name of the company, but, this does not align with the Corporation Name in TN. I would like to change the Corporation Name in TN to match the Legal Entity name to reduce confusion and increase comprehension.

Does anyone see any problems here ??

Hi David,

At wM 8.2, we change the TN profiles’ Corporation Names without any issues. The profile is stored in the TN database with an internally assigned unique key (PARTNERID). The Corporation Name is just a column in the table.

When you change the name, the other TN elements that reference that profile, processing rules, TPA, transactions, etc., automatically reflect the new name.