Changing the blaze configuration in MWS


I have imported blaze project on designer and trying to deploy it to MWS.

Getting below error.

Export failed:

Insufficient persions to the Rule project folder in MWS respository. Make sure that MWS administrator has full access to the folder.

Granted all the permissions for Administrator on MWS and tried again. Still i am getting the same error.

Please let me know how to make the blaze configuration changes on MWS directly without deploying the blaze rule to IS.


Hi Varun,

which version are you using?

If this is new business it is recommended to use Business Rules Engine instead of Blaze Rules Engine.


Hi Holger,

I am using 9.7v.

I have created MWS repository with the default port 10999 and when i tried to export to MWS, getting above mentioned error. Not sure where can i change the port details and give the access on MWS.

Please advise.