Changing sceduler entry

Hi All,

I created flow services for manipulating scheduler entries. Now I am able to create and delete schedules and also edit them partially. The probem is that if I specify let’s say a month in the schedule, than later I am able to change it but not able to remove. The doc. states:
If you want to clear the information in an optional field, specify blanks in the parameter for that field.
But if I provide a list element for month with blanks in it, the pub.scheduler:updateComplexTask step complains about data type: Value does not conform to datatype
Does anyone have idea, how to delete that kind of a parameter from a schedule?

Thanks in advance!


I figured it out myself:
In the flow service for editing the schedule create a “Branch” for each date/time parameter. Add a “Map” step with label “$null”. In that Map step set the value manually, but provide nothing for th value.

I hope that this can help not only for me…