Changing Port of awBrokerMon on Unix

Anybody know how to change the default awbrokermon port from 6850 to something else? This is a wM 6.0 broker install which only prompts for a broker port number and not a broker monitor port number.

Hi, kou.

Not sure about this one for webMethods 6, but for earlier installs, it required a fresh install.

For webMethods 6, this may be controllable from the command-line at the time of install. Typically, though, the Broker Monitor port is (Broker port + 1).

For my own growth, what is the case that 6850 does not fit your architecture? Thanks.

I also need to change the default awbrokermon port number from 6850 to something else. My reason is we run two separate environments on the same machine - a massive HP machine that is 8 CPU x 8 G RAM.

Dan, you mention “required a fresh install” - because pre-6.0, the install would allow you to enter both awbroker and awbrokermon ports, correct?

I’m using 6.01…there’s just got to be a way to do this.

Any help would be appreciated…

Hi, Joshua.

I am not sure about this one but there must be a way to override the factory defaults. Try grepping your system for 6849 and 6850. Maybe a config file will get turned up somewhere.

If you get this one solved, be sure to let us all know what you did.


Hi Joshua,

Did you solve the broker monitor port problem?

Please tell us the procedure on how to do it?