Changing connection details in JDBC adapter without starting server

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We have currently changed the Database service name from PRD to PRD-RAC. Now we had to bring down the server before the change and after the change has been done, the IS server logs have the following error and the JDBC adapter wont come up.

wm.adapter.wmjdbc.admin:registerAdapter [ART.114.13] Adapter Runtime: Error occurred while Adapter Runtime was loading adapter type “JDBCAdapter”. [ART.114.9] Adapter Runtime: Error(s) while registering adapter type JDBCAdapter

Can we change the Database name without starting the INtegration server? Is there any way to fix this issue without changing the service name back?

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NInad Patil

Try reloading the package on which the connection exists and see if you are able to enable the connection…

The DB name you are talking is with the JDBCPool one or JDBCAdapter connection specific and if it is connection then you don’t have to restart IS unless any ip cache occurred.

Try reload the Adapter or restart the IS as a whole to resolve any stale connections that preventing WmJDBCAdapter package enabling it.


Thanks Guys,

I have restarted IS multiple times and have reloded the packages as well. But to no use. I am still not able to open the JDBC adapter page.

Any other ideas?

Can you also try disable all the JDBC connections via WmART service programatically for that particular connection node or any connection node and see if you were able to open the JDBCAdapter home page?

Also what is the IS/Adapter version are you on?


Hi All,

Thanks for the response. After scratching head for hours, we found that the issue is different and quite strange. The connection string was changed by deployment but still the adapter page was not coming up.

We found that the server is having issues recognising HTTP URL encoding.

So when the URL is like below, it doesnt work:


But when we remove the URL encoding and hit the URL below, the page comes up.


This is extremely wierd and found that this is not limited to the Adapter pages only.

Any ideas?

Thanks and Regards,
Ninad Patil

I would say please take this issue with SAG support and they get better insights into your environment…



please explore the JDBCConnection Class:

Which browser you are using? Please check the browser compatibility.