Changing Client Group storage types

Does anybody know the safest way to change the storage type property for a client group from “Persistent” to “Guaranteed” in webMethods Enterprise V4.1


I have managed to change the Client Group storage types. The procedure I followed is as follows:

  1. Disable the client that needs the client group permission changed.
  2. Delete the client in the “Clients” folder from the manager tool. (Otherwise, the client group can not be removed)
  3. Delete and recreate the client group with the correct permission in the “Client Groups” folder from the manager tool.
  4. Re-enable the client.

FAQs address this issue on Title: How to change the client group storage type.

But, I think it is not very clear there. It should be as follow:

  1. Export Client group and related wM documents from Document Type Editor.
  2. Delete the client group from Manager.
  3. Create new client group with the same name and desired storage type from Manager.
  4. Import the exported file and merge with newly created group from Document Type Editor (not from Manager, otherwise, the imported file will overwrite your new client group).