Change user status after Scheduled delivery

We have a processing rule with below actions

Action Details

change user status changed to: Queued

Deliver document by Delivertype: Scheduledelivery

The problem is that user status is changed to Queued at the start of processing and after the sucessful document delivery using scheduled delivery the user status remains as Queued.

Is there a way to change the user status to Processed after the scheduled delivery.

YES in the same processing rule itself you can set the Action/Change user Status to “Processed” or what ever custom you want after the task delivery:

The QUEUED —> Processed will be flipped.


I tired to do that…but the problem is that in the same processing rule I have already used change user status action once.
so it is not showing up in the action type dropdown any more.

What action user status you have it?..what other selections you have chosen in the same rule?..Are you asking about PROCESSING STATUS OR USER STATUS as they both work differently.

BTW you cannot changed PROCESSING STATUS any more via service changeStatus programmatically…TN by default handles it and changes it to DONE or DONE W/ERRORS or QUEUED etc based on the delivery /processing tasks.

So in your case the status should be flipped to DONE after the task Delivery success…So did the delivery task shows done for the particular transactions?

Please check that:


I am taking about user status not the precessing status.
I need to have users status as Queued before scheduled delivery and user status as deivery after the sucessful scheduled delivery…

Then you have to depend on tn.doc:changeStatus programatically update based on the task status DONE and initially the rule will update the status to QUEUED.

Pl check the task related TN services BIS guide and their working patterns.