Change the name of the webMethods folder?

On a test Windows server, I installed an instance of Integration Server with Broker. I did a bunch of configuration changes, loaded packages, installed IS as a service, and so on. Then I found out that I should change the name of the webMethods folder. So, I stopped the IS service and Broker, unregistered the IS service, edited the server.bat and the installSvc.bat, changed the name of the folder, and re-registered the service. I get this error when I try to start from the command line:

D:\webMethods3PMT\IntegrationServer\bin>server.bat -log none
com.wm.proxy.ProxyException: failed to invoke proxy method
at com.wm.proxy.Proxy.invokeStaticMethod(

Is there anything that can be done? Or is it just best to re-install?


Fastest to just reinstall.

I found this occurred when I renamed the installation directory, changed the name in the ‘developer.bat’ file but forgot to change it in the ‘ini.cnf’ file.


Hi, in your case, please change the jcode.bat, server.bat & ini.cnf which is all found in the D:\webMethods3PMT\IntegrationServer\bin directory, it should work.

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