Change the consumer source URIs for deployment


In my DEV environment, I have many web services based on consumers. Theses consumers are based on source URIs that contains IP of server (or server name).

Obviously, when the web services have to be deploy, I have to automatically substitute the source URI of these ones, for the target environment.

Where may I find theses options in the Deployer (i’ve just found Adapter JDBC substitution) ?

What is the best practice to do it please ?


Hi Cedric,

there is no need to change these URIs.

You can use WS-Endpoint-Aliases to point to the correct address or read the correct address from a property file.


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Yes… I second Holger. Source URIs only indicate the source from which consumer has been created. They will not be used as endpoint address at all. SOAP address under port bindings is the one that will be used as endpoint when making a call. As Holger mentioned, One can overcome this by configuring and using Webservice Consumer Alias in Integration Server Admin page or by fetching an endpoint from custom configuration properties

Thanks Holger,

I would have naively imagine that a good practice, would be to replace all the consumer source URI with global vars.

ex :

with %myIP_port% defined in the IS global vars

but I’m not sure the consumer wizard would accept the global var.

Why it would be a bad way please ?


Oh, I understand better now, Prasad…


Ok, i’ve understood what I was missing : after creating a new web service endpoint.
I had to set the Port alias attribute of my Consumers…
Now it works. :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot.