Change text labels in a search table control


I want to change (translate) the text for some of the controls and headers inside the search table control, but havent found a way of doing this.

Does anyone know how to do this?


i8n need to do localization when there is a yellow warning next to a hard code label that points to you need to localize and point the label to read from reference to a label in a file and depending on the localization it will read from the appropriate file…

In CAF view - switch to project explorer view - choose project or view you want to localize in the context menuy choose CAF Tools >> Externalize Strings - designer will now create entries in the message bundle for all hard coded strings.

  • you then create properties for each language that should be supported…

Straight from the CAF training manual i have…

Hi again,

The CAF tool did not do the trick for the strings inside the Search table control. For instance the GO-button and ‘previous’ and ‘next’ strings has not been externalized.


In CAF 7.x, the only supported way to change the text of the labels of the built-in controls is to apply a language pack for your target locale.

If there is not already a language pack for your locale, you may try to create one following the directions @

Those instructions were intended for ‘CAF Standalone’ where the applications are deployed to tomcat or jboss. The instructions to get your localized resources into MwS would require a few more manual steps.

The procedure would be something like this:

  1. build your the language pack binaries
  2. manually copy the plugins/com.webmethods.caf.shared.lp./*_.jar file binaries to your MwS installation (to MWS/updates)
  3. run the “MWS/bin/mws.bat update” command to update the server classpath with the new jar files.
  4. restart MwS.

If you do that then the localized resources should be in the MwS server and available for your applications to use.