Change default WebService Consumer Endpoint URL-Path


in webMethods Designer (V9.5) I’m creating a WebService Consumer that consumes an WebService from a third Party.
The WSDL is only accessible as a file, so I created the Consumer Service with that file.

As a result, the Binder-Property “Port address” of that Service has the Value “http://my-machine:5555/”.

The Real WebService is accessible with an URL like “http://some-machine:1234/Services/Server

I created an Alias in the IntegrationServer, but since the Webservice requires a specific Path in the URL (“/Services/Server”), that is not sufficient.

To make it work, I have to also set the “_url”-Parameter of the Connector to that URL-Value.

According to the Documentation (Web Services Developer’s Guide Version 9.5 SP1, page 150, Step 3), the Integration Server takes that URL-Value and replaces the Host and Port according to the Alias-Values.

My Problem is now: My WSDL consists of 90 different Methods, which results in 90 connectors.
I don’t want to hard-code the URL-Path 90 times, and maybe have to change it later 90 times again.

Is there a way to set the URL-Path once for all Connectors? Is it may be possible to change the “Port address”-Property of the Service-Binder? - I Think this Property is the initial value for the Endpoint-URL.

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in your WSDL file, try to change:
<soap:address location=“…”
add the “/Services/Server” part to it.
Reload WSDL, the connecters should have url/address populated already, you don’t need to give _url parameter.

Thanks, that solves my Problem!