Change block size via ADAORD

Is it possible to change ASSO & DATA block sizes through EXPORT/IMPORT?

I ADAORD EXPORTed the contents of a database defined with block sizes ASSO 8k and DATA 32k. ADAORD won’t allow me to import into a target database with ASSO 4k and DATA 8k.

I don’t see any warnings in the ADAORD documentation regarding conflicting block sizes.

Hi Ralph,

This would be akin to changing device type on mainframe ADABAS. If open systems flavours offer an ADAORD RESTRUCTDB functionality to reblock the data, this should work given an already formatted target exists and is formatted accordingly, and that the equivalent of ADAORD STORE also exists in open systems to reload the data (maybe the same thing as ADAORD IMPORT?).


I thought a block size change was possible, because the LUW documentation states that one of the reasons for using ADAORD is

To archive and subsequently reestablish a file, independent of its original placement and the database device types used.

But ADAORD has no RESTRUCTURE functions, only EXPORT, and I see no block size settings on EXPORT or IMPORT. IMPORT insists on using the block size of the source database (from the EXPORTed file).

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