RABNSIZE from 3 to 4

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I would like to know if I can modify the RABNSIZE from 3 to 4 without to define the data base again.
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Unfortunately no, ADADEF DEFINE is the only way to change the RABNSIZE.

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Wolfgang, Thank you very much indeed!

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I just want to confirm the procedure to change the database from 3 to 4 rabn. Is ADADEF the only utility required to perform this exercise or are there other steps that need to be followed except taking the full backup?

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Hi Kugh

No, ADADEF is not all you will need. You need to:

  1. use the ADAORD RESTRUCTUREDB utility to offload all of the data to a dataset with ddname DDFILEA
  2. define the database with ADADEF (use OVERWRITE)
  3. put all the data back in using the ADAORD STORE.


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