Hi All ,
Can any one tell me that ,how can we create a certificates in wM 7.1.2 ?
in 6.5 we have certificate tool kit but in 7.1.2 it is decommisioned.
plz reply me bcak

The cert toolkit is still available for download from advantage, however I find it hard to use it.

I would use portecle ( http://portecle.sourceforge.net ) or xca ( http://xca.sourceforge.net ) to generate certificates. Remember IS only understands DER/CER format.

thanks Dev, for repying me with the answer
As i came to know there is one tool ie: Java key tool which supports in webMethods 6.5 and in 7.1.2 to generate the certificates.
please let me know if you have any idea abt this or tell me how to generate the certificate by using this key tool