CentraSite Username Creation and Password Changes


Can someone guide me on how to

  1. Create a new user in centraSite with administrator access in UNX platfrom
  2. Change the password of existing administrator password &
  3. If we change the password, where all we need to deal with the password changes?

Please guide.


a user to be created in CentraSite must be present in the users.txt file in CentraSite’s installation tree, at /common/conf, unless you have configured CentraSite to use LDAP. If so, the user must be present in the respective LDAP repository.

The users.txt file is maintained via the internaluserrepo.sh script located at /common/bin. For asking which users are defined therein,do ./internaluserrepo.sh -file …/conf/users.txt -lu. Add a user via ./internlauserrepo.sh -file …/conf/users.txt testuser (is asks for the password). For help ./internaluserrepo.sh -help.

If the user is present outside CentraSite, it can be added to CentraSite from the BusinessUI. Go to the main menu’s Organization tab and select the organization the user should be defined to. Select Add User and search for the user by its name. Having defined the user, roles can be assigned.

Changing a password happens either in LDAP or in users.txt.


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