Centrasite community version 9.7 Eclipse Plugin


I have installed Centrasite Community Edition(CE) 9.7.Can I get to know the link for eclipse(helios or Juno) update site for designing? I got to know from Getting Started guide that
“The CentraSite installation procedure includes an option to install the Software AG Designer component, which is an Eclipse installation tailored for CentraSite.”.
But I dont find any option in the installer.Is the designer not included with community edition? From this link
support for eclipse based GUI in CE is confirmed.Can anyone please point to the update site for eclipse plugins/Eclipse based GUI.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Dhivya,
the Eclipse plug-ins are no longer delivered with the CentraSite installation. You need to get them via the Update Manager which is only available to Software AG customers, sorry about that.