CentraSite 2.2 Database Crash

I have installed CentraSite 2.2 Community (with patches and on win XP.

I am accessing the UDDI server using it’s SOAP APIs (inquiry, publish & security).

Sometimes the database just crashes (the inosrv.exe process is not there anymore) - I am not sure why this is happening.

In the CentraSite folder there is a log file AABinosrv.09-32-11.txt -

[1] Thread (69) - PID 4184 - Wed Aug 22 12:11:25 2007

[1] Exception c0000005 at pc = 0x04F10DAA
[1] Access violation reading at address 0x00000000

[1] Registers

[1] Eax 0x4d2bb760 Ebx 0x00000000 Ecx 0x00000000 Edx 0x00000c08
[1] Esi 0x4d2bb760 Edi 0x1aae8f84
[1] Eip 0x04f10daa Esp 0x06ecd39c Ebp 0x06ece950 EFlags 0x00010206
[1] SegCs 0x0000001b SegSs 0x00000023 SegDs 0x00000023 SegEs 0x00000023
[1] SegFs 0x0000003b SegGs 0x00000000
[1] Dr0 0x00000000 Dr1 0x00000000 Dr2 0x00000000 Dr3 0x00000000
[1] Dr6 0x00000000 Dr7 0x00000000

22-AUG-2007 12:11:25 INODSF1319: Unexpected signal 11 received
22-AUG-2007 12:11:25 INODSA1001: Start writing crash dump of database, writing to file C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\CentraSite\CentraSite\CentraSite.AAB.12-11-25.1M0
22-AUG-2007 12:11:28 INODSI1635: Crash dump of database finished
Start writing SAGSMP dump, writing to file C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\CentraSite\CentraSite/SAGSMP.AAB.12-11-25.0M0
Dump of SAGSMP finished
22-AUG-2007 12:11:28 INOXHA8259: Start writing XML dump of database, writing to file C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\CentraSite\CentraSite\CentraSite.AAB.12-11-25.xml
22-AUG-2007 12:11:29 INOXHI8260: XML crash dump of database finished
22-AUG-2007 12:11:32 INODSF1436: Terminated with errors
Starting “C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRWTSN32.EXE -p 4184 -e 1692”
Waiting for debugger to complete initialisation…

Please raise this issue with your local Software AG customer support providing them with the following files from the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\CentraSite\CentraSite directory:


and if possible the crash dump created by Dr Watson (user.dmp).

Steps to reproduce (use SOAP APIs to perform all actions - i.e. No CentraSite UI):

  1. Create a new business entity. (get_authToken, save_business, discard_authToken)

  2. Publish 12 business services to the business entity. (get_authToken, save_tModel - for binding and portType, save_service, discard_authToken)

  3. Retrieve first 5 services (find_service with maxRows = 5 and listHead = 1) and for each of the 5 service uddiKeys call get_operationalInfo

  4. Retreive next 5 services (find_service with maxRows = 5 and listHead = 6) and for each of the 5 service uddiKeys call get_operationalInfo

  5. Retreive next 5 services (find_service with maxRows = 5 and listHead = 11) - note this will return only 2 services - and for each of the 2 service uddiKeys call get_operationalInfo
    One of the 12 get_operationalInfo calls (most likely the last) will result in a response like. :

    Client Error

    Tried to get a OperationalInfo with all keys , but key did not match with any existing entityEntities.

  6. After seeing the above error if you try and call the find_service / any other API again - it will crash the database i.e. inosrv.exe process gets killed.

    Client Error

    Database access failure (0102, TAJCME0102, Could not extract error information. Probably no correct XML error response., SAXException: Premature end of file.)

  7. Now all subsequent requests will fail (the exact error message varies with each request)

    Client Error

    INMJRE0001: Database access error: INOQJE0042: Access Failure Exception - com.softwareag.tamino.db.api.common.TAccessFailureException( message: Database access failure (8201, INOXHE8201, Can’t connect to server CentraSite, XTS error -1061 (XTS1061E: TCP/IP Connection refused).), tag: JavaTaminoAPI_4_4_1_15, java: 1.4.2_09, os: Windows XP 5.1 ):

You should provide this information along with the logs and crash dumps to your local Customer support where they can analyse this problem and advise you accordingly.

Hi Apurv,

I’m facing the same problem with CentraSite 3.1.7 on AIX. Were you able to fix this issue. If so please share the solution. I got several ‘Database access failure: memory allocation failed’ errors before CentraSite crashed. Have you got such errors?