centralized Document routing (diffrent input and output-channels)


how can I implement centralized automated processing of incoming documents in Webmethods - regardless of input channel, format or structure? The application to be implemented should receive the documents, enrich them if necessary, transform them and route them into different target storage channels depending on the method used, e.g. network shares, FTP servers, web services, DB, etc. The documents should then be processed in a centralized manner. The documents differ fundamentally. Sometimes they are XML files, sometimes pairs of xml + PDF, sometimes zip files, … It must be ensured that no documents are lost. Ideally, I can tell where each document is currently located.

How would you implement this in webmethods? Are plug-ins required for this, or can this also be implemented with the standard product? I prefer to build a cost-neutral solution.

I would be grateful for your suggestions and tips.

thank you.