CDS has failed to initiate at webMethods 10.15 Integration Server

Hi Team,

CDS is installed in our webMethods 10.15 server but could not able to initialize the Directory.
when we click on Directory Services then it keeps on loading… and never done it.
Please help here.

Thanks in Advance.

It would be helpful if there are some logs like server.log from IS and sag-osgi.log from IS profile.

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Hi ,

Thanks for your reply.
Please find the server logs here and do the needful.
Thank you.
server.log (45.9 KB)
sag-osgi.log (486.0 KB)

There are lots of errors in your IS but non are related to directory services as far as I can tell. Is this a fresh environment? You need to clean all those error logs as much as possible. At first glance I can see there are problems to your cloud, universal messaging, mft, and sap connections. For UM it looks like you are missing the connection factory. You need to create that from Enterprise Manager and add that value to UM connection allies. I don’t know how to fix each error you have, I would search empower using the error message at the beginning (i.e ISS.0028.0013E) and fix as much as I can first. You should also disable the packages if you don’t plan to use them in the near future. It will speed up your startup time and your logs will be less noisy.

For debugging directory services configuration, it can be a little challenging to configure it for the first time. Did you check the documentation first?

Recommended way to configure directory services is to configure it on MWS and use central users DB connection to get that configuration to IS. If you haven’t followed these steps, follow those steps one by one. After that if that doesn’t fix your problem, please share a screenshot of your IS JDBC pools and MWS central users configuration. You can use MWS administrator UI to query directory services to validate your connection to Directory services. You should also be able to configure it through Command Central if my memory is correct.

If you are not using MWS to configure your IS directory services, send screenshot of your IS directory services configuration. I recommend using MWS to configure if you have that installed in your environment though.

Central Users/JDBC pools, this needs to have the same database connection string with MWS db, if using MWS to configure LDAP. Mine is empty here.


regarding the SAP Adapter: If you don´t need it, do not install it.
From the Logs I can see, that you are missing the proper JCo libs, therefore it is throwing the error.
If you need the SAP Adapter, you will have to add the JCo libs in WmSAP/code/jars/static (for the jars) and in lib (for the native part). Stop and restart IS afterwards to get the libs loaded. A simple restart is not sufficient in this case.

ManagedFileTransfer/ActiveTransfer looks like a missing fix.

As Engin already mentioned: Check why your audit pools are not starting and why UM is not connecting.
UM will be required when there are updates to the users, groups etc. in MWS, when they are relevant for IS. Otherwise IS will not detect these changes online, just having the DB connection is not sufficient.


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Hi ,

Thanks for you reply.
With help of above, i configured CDS on my Integration Server.
Central Users are Pointed to MWS DB.
But i see Central User Management is Not Configured on Integration Server.
Could you help me how to configure it ?

Hi Madhu,

you will have to configure the SAML Resolver URL under Settings → Resources to point to the correct MWS host & port.

Setting the DB-Pool only is not sufficient.

See IS Administrators Guide for details.


Hi Holger,

i did that Resource settings pointed to MWS.

But as mentioned in above , the Central User configuration is Not configured at User Management.
Please help me here.

Thanks !!

Hi Madhu,

there are two providers for synchronizing the users from MWS to IS, one is using UM and the other one was relying on the DB, but is considered deprecated sind wM 9.12.

Is there anything in the WmCDS package which needs to be configured related to this?

Unfortunately I have never worked with any wM 10.x version as we have retired our wM related project running on wM 9.12 recently due to various reasons.


Did you test your MWS configuration by querying LDAP?

CDS can use either DB or UM. UM is not mandatory. CDS cluster sync using DB was considered deprecated but this was brought back after concerns were raised of having UM just for haivng CDS cluster as a reason.

Dependency of having MWS was also taken out. You can have CDS installed with IS, and use IS admin UI to configure CDS.

Refer - PAGE 216 (for some reason, not able to attach screenshot, copy pasting some content)

Configuring My webMethods Server to use the database for JMS communication

You can use the database as a JMS provider for communication between My webMethods Server and the Common Directory Services component in Integration Server, or for My webMethods Server clusters that exchange a small number of JMS events. For more information, see “Considerations when using the database as a JMS provider” on page 216.
To configure My webMethods Server to use the database as a JMS provider

  1. Retrieve the cluster.xml file from the My webMethods Server database using the getconfig command.
  2. On the element, insert the useDbJms=“true” attribute, as follows: <Cluster useDbJms=“true” clusterId="706790370
  3. Save the file and execute the putconfig command to deploy the file to the database.
  4. Delete the local copy of the cluster.xml file from the \serverName\config directory.
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From 10.15 upgrade experience, below are steps I have perfromed

  1. Make sure to select Common Directory Services Support and Central User Management in product installation.

  2. On IS, Central User Management should be set to ‘configured’ [under Security>UserManagement>Central User Management]. if not configured,

      Steps to enable. Point Central users (under JDBC pools) to MWS_DB user (This user points to my MWS DB).
  3. After MWS is migrated to 10.15, make sure to update DB scripts (either via stacks or thru DCC) and CDS scripts are executed (CDS 10.11 CommonDirectoryServices WEBMDATA,WEBMINDX).
    If MWS is not used, we might need a seperate DB user to have this CDS config installed on DB.

  4. Restart IS if any of these above steps are performed.

This has enabled CDS for me on IS and the initialization error is gone and CDS is working well.

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