CCE Instance Refresh Issue


Offlate i am facing this strange issue with refresh feature of CCE.
Neither manual or Auto refresh of Instance is working.

I have go in to each instance and do manual refresh to get its actual Status.
and this is causing some confusion to understand whether instance is really up/down as CCE is not showing its actual status on instance page.

Please find the screenshot.
Note: My instances are up and running fine.

I have restarted CCE couple of times to see if it fixes the issue … but it didn’t help.
Please help.


Have the latest fix installed on CC. If still issue contact SAG Support.

i have all Latest 9.10 Fixes installed on CC already :frowning:

Please open Installations view. If the installation which components report UNKNOWN status shows red cross icon, mouse over it.
The tooltip will display the last status check error and likely would give you a clue what the problem is based on the error message.
Such errors will also be in the CCE error.log file.

If the installations show green checkmark, please check CCE error.log.
If the problem is not obvious please open support ticket and provide all logs from CCE and SPM’s in question.