Cazn siebel Update transaction can be rollback

Hi can any one tell me whether we can use the rollback service during the a siebel updata transaction.


You may have to use WmART services (startTransaction,rollbackTransaction, commitTransaction) services, unless your created Siebel AdapterConnection a Transactional based.

I believe this is the general practice for any ART framework based adapters (JDBC,MQ,Siebel,AS400) etc…


Thanks for the reply…but as of JDBC i dont think siebel adapter connections are transactional based. Even on assuming I have tried a small flow service where i’m getting error " unable to perform rollback operation

Siebel connections do not provide transaction handling mechanism. It is not possible to rollback update/insert/associate transactions in Siebel. You have to explicitly handle such cases. i.e preserve the original value before updating and in case you want to ‘rollback’, use the original value and update it.
It may sound weird in firstplace, but the way we user Siebel adapter, (using BO and BC) it seems logical.

Good to know about this info…thx

Thanks for the valued suggestion. We derioved on the same idea…