Catching SAP IDOCS from Unix

We currently ‘catch’ our SAP IDOCS directly from SAP using routing rules and then using the ‘TransformFlatToHierarchy’ service.
We are going to start batching up our idocs (throwing them out to the OS File structure), so we’ll have to change our process to either POST them or get them via FTP.
I’ve tried to capture these IDOCS thru both POST and the FTP and I can’t seem to get them into the correct IDOC structure (in this case INVOICE01).
Is anyone out there doing this? If so - what flow steps are you using?



Why don’t you continue to use the routing rules? If you want to batch the IDOCs and send them to wM at a specific time you should change the Output Mode on the SAP Partner Profile to ‘Collect IDOCs’ and then run RSEOUT00 in a batch job with appropriate parameters including your IDOC type at the time you want to actually send the IDOCs. When the IDOC is created, it will show up in your IDOC list (WE05) with a status of 30 ‘Idoc ready for dispatch’. When you run RSEOUT00 the IDOCs will be sent to wM and the status on the IDOC will change to 03 ‘Data passed to Port OK’.

We do this for our Invoices for example. They are created in a batch process around midnight. We run the RSEOUT00 program at about 3:30am and send the IDOCs to wM. We actually do this for our ASNs also but run that process every 20 minutes.

Going to the file system really doesn’t make sense unless you really have to, expecially since the adapter is quite functional.