Catching a pub.client:http Time Out


Sometimes, when I invoke pub.client:http for an URL that gives out a time out error, the error I get is [ISC.0064.9324] and even if I give out a Timeout in the Sequence or put it in a Try-Catch sections, they won’t get caught so I cannot process the error message at all. Is there a way to catch such error in webmethods? If yes, how and where did I go wrong in setting up the Timeout on Sequence or putting the Try-Catch parts?



If there are no other errors in between, getLastError will provide you the last reported error. You are referring [ISC.0064.9324], are you not getting NetException/Net504Exception when such error occurs?

The timeout in sequence is different, where you will receive a com.wm.lang.flow.FlowTimeoutException if the sequence step is not completed in that time period.



Remember that getLastError needs to be the first step in the CATCH-Sequence, otherwise the error gets lost.


Hi @Prasanta_Malik

I’ve tried manually setting the timeout part of pub.client:http (to 10), and then putting it in a TRY-CATCH steps with pub.flow:getLastError being the first step in CATCH.

It doesn’t even enter the CATCH section. Yes, indeed I did get a [ISC.0064.9324] in the Results, but the flow just immediately quits there, it’s not getting caught to the CATCH section. Can you help me figure out how to ensure that exception gets caught in CATCH section?

Please provide me the sample flow to have a look.


It’s just this kind of simple thing. The data-String and URL… well I’m not quite sure if I can reveal that, but my method is post and loadAs is set to bytes.

Even when the timeout is set to 10, it always gives that error.

The weird thing is that it doesn’t give out the Net504Exception if done in my local MSR. Within our MSR which is put inside OpenShift and has API Gateway, it catches Net504Exception. But regardless, on both parts, none of them get into the Catch block.

If you are sure that pub.client:http is throwing Net504Exception without try-catch used, that should ideally get caught through the getLastError when wrapped using flow try-catch , I just get tested in my local MSR and works fine. May be you could also give a try using flow Sequence.


It works fine too in my local Server.

But in my other Server where it’s attached in OpenShift, it’s not working and giving Gateway Timeout errors.

Perhaps I should check the setting of that other server. I just don’t know what could have influenced it. Any hint?

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