Carriage returns in fields


We have business rules set up to take values from certain fields and place them in the description field to display them under the banner.
The result of this looks like this:

Field 1 value Field 2 value Field 3 value

Is it possible to add some type of carriage return (such as \r or \n) or html tag (such as < br/> ) to achieve our desired result, which would look like this:

Field 1 value
Field 2 value
Field 3 value

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

Hi Dan Ruffcorn,

   Yes, it is possible and can be achieved using a java class. Invoke below java class using business rule.

public class Update

public void updateDescription(Parameters p) throws Exception

   String recordID = p.get("id");

   String subject = p.get("subject");

   String email = p.get("email"); 

   String date = p.get("date");

   String description="Subject = "+ subject1+"\nEmail = "+email+"\nDate = "+date;

   Parameters params = Functions.getParametersInstance();

   params.add("description", description);

   Result r = Functions.updateRecord("OBJECTNAME",  recordID, params);



Mudassir Afreen