Carriage Return increasing document size

We have a requirement to modify the xcbl content we receive and then put that content into a C1 Envelope. However, b/c we use bizdocToRecord in order to modify the content of the xCBL, we then have to insert the resultant xcbl that is returned by bizdocToRecord(i.e. includes carriage-returns/tabs to show correct xcbl strucutre) into a C1 evelope. Is there any way to work with the xcbl formatted content returned from bizdocToRecord and convert it back to the non-formatted xcbl (i.e. without carriage-returns and tabs)? We have a 10mb limit for documents and the xcbl formatting nearly doubles the size of documents we receive.


You may find the following sample from the shareware area helpful:

You’ll update the code to not do indenting and not insert newlines.

Thanks. I’ll look into this. I was hoping wM would have provided a service that did the same (or a parameter that could be passed that would prevent the carriage-return or tabs from being inserted or would strip them out after inserting). If anyone knows of this please let me know.