Capturing FlowExceptions

Hi there!

webMethods GEAR 6.0 manuals talk about Error Handling approaches using the typical sequences approach …

 SEQUENCE-1 (Exit on Success) 
 >>>>> SEQUENCE-1.1 (Exit on Failure) 
 >>>>> SEQUENCE-1.2 (Exit on Done) 

For one such setup where SEQUENCE-1.1 invoked a service from a package that was “DISABLED”, a FlowException was thrown (when run from the developer and also from the browser as a web-service call) just as one would expect.

However, the problem we are facing is that the control never went to SEQUENCE-1.2, i.e. the exception was never caught by the Catch-block but was thrown on to the developer (or the browser) itself.

Does the sequence based approach actually trap “FlowExceptions” (especially if a package/service is not available) or is it a limitation (or bug?) in the tool/approach?


This service does have some limitiations. The problem you mentioned is one. Similarly if you invoke a service that you do not have access to due to ACL problems, the control does get to the catch SEQUENCE but getLastError never returns any error. The exceptions that get caught are the ones that get thrown when your service is called. If there is a problem in calling a service because the service does not exist or there is an access problem, control does not get to the catch block.

But once you have the environment setup right after testing, these problems should not occur. So it is still OK to use this approach.