Can't use "step into" while tracing

I apologize if this has been asked/answered before, but a thorough search of the forums hasn’t revealed anything to me yet.

I have a fairly simple problem: when debugging/tracing through a service, I eventually reach a flow service that I would like to step into. I usually use F8 for this task or you can otherwise hit the “Step Into” button. When I hit F8, I jump to the next step in the current service instead of stepping into the service I wanted to. To make troubleshooting this problem even more interesting is it seems to be sporadic. I was hoping someone has experienced this as well and knows the cause of the issue.

Also, I know you can’t step into java service or services (understandable), but I’m trying to step into my own services. They were created with my me, are still locked by me.

Of course, a very annoying workaround is to go into the service I’d like to step into and add savePipline/restorePipeline, etc, but I’d rather fix the root of this problem than use a workaround.


What version of IS and Developer are you using? When we experienced similar issues with earlier version of Developer 6.5, we upgraded to Developer 6.5 SP3 and the problem went away.

Yes, Sekay is right. We too have upgraded our Dev to 6.5 SP3 and the problem never came back. May be wM Prof guys have fixed the bug in 6.5 SP3


Thanks for the prompt responses and tip. I’m looking at the support information in Developer and I see I’m already on SP3. The curious thing is that our IS instance is still on SP2, so maybe it’s a combination of the two that’s causing the issue. I’ll see what the wM admin people can do about upgrading IS to SP3 and then I’ll post here whether it fixed the problem or not.

There is no IS 6.5 SP3 released yet…its only for Developer 6.5 SP3 which is talking about…


I forgot to mention one point in my above post. When i stepped into child service, Yes! i was able to trace the child service, but i can’t see the trace path (the green rectangluar box which moves along with the Trace button while Tracing) sometimes. I dont know whether the bug was completely fixed or are they still having some issues.


I am also having the same problem for developer 6.5 SP3. when I step into the child service trace works but the green box is invisible. Are there any specific memory settings that need to be tuned(the min and max MEM in dev config file)

Does any one have an answer yet for the Question above? Still I find myself unable to see the trace path sometimes. Please share your solution if you ever faced this issue.


Yes, this is a known issue and SAG fixed the issue in the Developer SP4. The fix for this issue will be called ID_6-5_SP4_Fix4. Please contact SAG support for the fix or wait for another one moth before it is published to Advantage.

Thanks bud. Will wait.

not a problem.