can't start UM

Hi community,
we encounter a problem when we try to start an UM on cluster with two others, after installig attached fixes, UM1 and UM3 start normally but UM2 dosn’t want to start and it shows those errors :

[Mon Dec 05 10:26:06 GMT 2016],MemoryManager: Monitor: memory usage, Before 933.1 MB, After 933.1 MB
[Mon Dec 05 10:26:36 GMT 2016],MemoryManager: Monitor: memory usage, Before 932.9 MB, After 932.9 MB
[Mon Dec 05 10:27:06 GMT 2016],MemoryManager: Monitor: memory usage, Before 932.81 MB, After 932.81 MB
and on SPM log it shows :
2016-12-02 18:06:04.615 GMT (Osgi ) [Platform.Logger.bundle-log] ERROR: [org.eclipse.equinox.ds:1.4.100.v20130515-2026 (223)] Could not bind a reference of component com.softwareag.plm.spm.lifecycle.advanced. The reference is: Reference[name = AdvancedLifecycleOperations, interface =, policy = dynamic, cardinality = 0…n, target = null, bind = addAdvancedLifecycleOperationsSpi, unbind = removeAdvancedLifecycleOperationsSpi]

INFO | jvm 1 | 2016/12/05 10:26:25 | 2016-12-05 10:26:25.178 GMT (com.softwareag.platform. … .CommonUtil ) [NUMRealmServer.CommonUtil.UnknownKey] INFO: CommonUtil.getProcessID(), returning pid 18546722 from file /WMESBPRD/SoftwareAG97/UniversalMessaging/server/umserver2/data/RealmServer.lck
INFO | jvm 1 | 2016/12/05 10:26:55 | 2016-12-05 10:26:55.242 GMT (com.softwareag.platform. … .CommonUtil ) [NUMRealmServer.CommonUtil.UnknownKey] INFO: CommonUtil.getProcessID(), returning pid 18546722 from file /WMESBPRD/SoftwareAG97/UniversalMessaging/server/umserver2/data/RealmServer.lck

we are on WM 9.7 the UMs areinstalled on differents VM
Please do you have any idea about this, i’m stuck here and really i don’t know what to do??



Hi Nezha,
how are you starting UM? Are you starting it from Command Central or direct from the command line?
Most of the messages you posted are not error messages at all and don’t seem related.
The main log to look at is nirvana.log in the /WMESBPRD/SoftwareAG97/UniversalMessaging/server/umserver2/data directory. What does it show at the time you attempt the start up?

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hi Jonathan,
thank you for yr reply,

Effectivelyit wasn’t an error message, it was a problem of the VM it was isolated and didn’t allow connections to the other
servers in the cluster,

Now the UM is UP and we can see this clearly on CCE, but it dosn’t appear in entreprise manager neither on realms nor on cluster,

should i add it to realms and then to cluster? how to add it to realms?



did realm 2 ever used to be part of the cluster? If so, then it should automatically try to reconnect to the other nodes, assuming IP addresses and ports haven’t changed and you haven’t cleared the storage of realm 2.
An easy way to see whether the cluster (realms 1 and 3) still think they are part of a 3-node cluster is to stop one of them (1 or 3). Then look at the nirvana.log of the other node, it will log messages about trying to reform the cluster, saying something like “1.0 nodes active and more than 1.5 nodes required”. What are the numbers shown? (After that you can restart the realm you stopped).
You can manually connect EM to realm to by choosing Connections > Connect to realm and entering the realm 2 URL.
Does it then show up? Is it active? Does it show as being a cluster member?
In EM for realm 2, do you see the queues/channels showing up as cluster queues/channels (with the small orange badge on their icons)?

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from the other UMs it shows that message in nirvana.log

Remote connection failed security challenge for umserver2

i think that he is trying to connect to UM2 but there is some security restriction,

could i do somthing with data directory??


Hi Nezha,
I have seen other user with such issues and usually requires analysis of your network configuration.
I recommend you open a support ticket with Global Support who should be able to help you more effectively.