Can't start Intergration Serveur

Hello, Everyone,

I meet a very serious problem today, I can’t start my IS. when I execute I got the message like this :

2014-03-20 17:51:45 CET [ISS.0134.0096E] Could not create Destination to Ping Connection Alias [ISS.0134.9073] JMS Connection Alias is disabled.
2014-03-20 17:52:04 CET [ISS.0134.0064E] Unable to register JMS Trigger wm.prt.status:JMSControlTrigger: [ISS.0134.9017] No JMS connection alias found with name “PE_NONTRANSACTIONAL_ALIAS”
2014-03-20 17:52:35 CET [ISS.0134.0064E] Unable to register JMS Trigger simeAlerteOuspi.server.trig:trigAlerteOuspi: [ISS.0134.9017] No JMS connection alias found with name “SimeAlerteOuspi_Topic”
2014-03-20 17:52:50 CET [ISS.0134.0064E] Unable to register JMS Trigger CCIE_ERROR_V2:JmsTriggerErrorV2: [ISS.0134.9017] No JMS connection alias found with name “IsJmsConnectionNative”

Could anyone meet the same problem like me?
Any advice or solution ?

I see your wM version is 9.0/9.5.

Was your IS up and running before?

You can try disabling the WmJMSAdapter package and then re-start. Just an hint/idea :idea:

“no” in the manifest.v3 in order to disable a package.

Lets see what other experts say about this issue.

From the error messages posted I cannot see any reference to the outdated WmJMSAdapter-Package (latest known version 6.1 SP1).

More likely this seems to be a configuration issue in IS:

Please check under “Settings -> Messaging -> JMS Settings” and “Settings -> Messaging -> JNDI Settings” for details.

Are you using Broker or Nirvana/Uniiversal Messaging as Transport?

PE in this case stands for Process Engine. This JMS-Connectivity is used by PE/PRT internally.

If this does not help, please share more details.

Hello, Everyone, We finally find out the reason. Because when the IS was starting, some one stopped the process, so there is a session locked in DataBase Oracle.
We have to close this session in the database and re-start the IS.

Glad to hear issue resolved…and thanks for updating back in the thread: :smiley: