can't put file with sftp:put or get to a windows server

Hi community,

i have a big probleme here,

I have a windows server where i install Cygwin to use SFTP commands

the path now is cygdrive/C, i can use sftp:ls cygdrive/C/Dist and get file from that path but the probleme is that i can’t put file to that path i get that error /cygdrive/C/Dist/2016-01-24_taux.txt (A file or directory in the path name does not exist.)
Caused by: /cygdrive/C/Dist/2016-01-24_taux.txt (A file or directory in the path name does not exist.)

pleaase help mee it’s very important to me



no body know somthing, any ideas please??


Kindly give absolute path rather relative path.


Hi thank you for yr reply,

what’s absolute path in this case ??? because im using cygwin in my remote windows server , and it dosn’t know C:/Directory1/Directry2.


Please attach some screen shots to help you bro.


thank you for yr reply,

here attached my code test remote path file and local path file also error,

i can liste the content of the same path, and i can get file too but i can’t put file to that path.


when i do it with putty or filezilla it works,
i think the problem is in the path it’s not known by designer even if Designer know the path when i use ls or get from cygdrive to my BUS.

sftp:get–>remoteFile=/cygdrive/c/Dist/filename, localFile =WMESBDEV/Doc(serveur AIX where IS exist) WORKS but when i do :

sftp:get–>remoteFile=/cygdrive/c/Dist/filename, localFile =/cygdrive/c/Dist/Archive/filename
it dosn’t work

please i need yr helep,

can you please share the inputs of sftp:get service, also please send me a test mail to “” id.


Sometimes you are saying you are able to list, get the files,issue only with put but again you are saying there is an issue with get operation as well. Little confused with your OS’s.


thanks for yr reply,
im not confused, i have the same problem for get and put, it’s not abount the service it’s about the path i make on the input localFile of the services,

What i need is to copy file from a directory and past it on the other using sftp:get or sftp:put

my directory is on windows server where i install cygwin to access with sftp, so the path given by cygwin it’s supported by inputs of get or put services just to copy but not to past the file,

did u understand now what i need?

Hi Abrabri,

can you check the permissions of your directories?

Eventually you are missing the write permission for the directory you are trying to put the file to.


hi everybody,

thank you all for yr help, Finnaly it works for me :smiley: the problem was that i had to pass by the local server first, not directly from the remote server to the remote server :oops: ,


That’s gr8, thanks for updating the thread.


Yes it make sense :smiley: