Can't get to startpage CentraSite with Firefox 4

When login in to CentraSite with Firefox 4 I get stuck on my startpage. See the screenshot.
I see the login page, I fill in my credentials and press Log On or I choose Browse as Guest. Eitherway, I can’t get any further than what’s on the screenshot.
In Internet Explorer 8 it works fine. Before I installed Firefox 4, I used to work with Firefox 3.6. Then it also worked fine. A colleague of mine had the same experience with a Firefox 4 Beta before.

I already tried some other things:

  • delete the cookies and the buffer of Firefox 4;
  • stop the NoScript extension in Firefox 4 or change the options;
  • do the same with the Adblock Plus extension;
  • checking that JavaScript is on;
  • restarting Firefox and restarting the computer.

I am thinking of uninstalling Firefox and then installing it again, sort of from scratch. But perhaps there is another solution?

Firefox 4 is not a supported platform for CS 8.0.x.
There are some known issues in the underlying web framework that are currently being worked on. Please use FF3.6 or IE 7/8.