Can't get SOAP response to return StringList

Utilizing WM 7.1.3

I’ve been working on this and trying to figure out the issue for the last
4 hours, so now I have no choice but to try to reach out and get some clue
as to why something that seems so simple is not working. I’ve tried searching this
forum, but what I found seems to indicate that I am doing things correctly.

I am calling an external webservice, getting back the soap response, then
converting to a document I created by using xmlnodetodocument. The problem:
The a:statusresponsemessages/a:Message refuses to come back as a string list
no matter what I try. It keeps coming back as a single and because of that,
all I see when the conversion happens is the last Message whereas I need to
see all returned messages.

I have the xmlnodeToDocument set up where the
documentTypeName is the document I created and the Message string is listed as
String List. makeArrays is set to false. Below shows my document and below that
is a sample response. Can you give me any hints on this or tell me a different
way to handle this soap response. It’s a must I see all messages. I just can’t
figure this out and this is an urgent matter. Thanks.

The WM document:

PriceCreateResponse ##Document
PriceCreateResult ##Document
a:StatusResponseMessages ##Document
a:Message ##StringList

Snippet of the xml response, starting with returned fields:

<a:UserId i:nil=“true”/>
<a:InstanceID i:nil=“true”/>
<a:CatalogID i:nil=“true”/>
<a:AutoID i:nil=“true”/>
<a:StatusResponseMessages><a:Message>The AutoiD is too long</a:Message>
<a:Message>Transaction failed: ORA-06550: line 1, column 3:
(PriceCreateRequest request)</a:Message></a:StatusResponseMessages>


Can you post your doc type definition?

Thanks Reamon. I finally figured this out. Once I saw your reply, it told me that I really, really needed to focus on looking at the doc type definition. It wasn’t easy to spot, but I finally saw the difference between my document type definition and the customer’s returned soap response. They must be exact.

Everything is okay now.