Cant find PinEdit Doku? PinEdit Alternatives?

Hi There,
I want to evaluate the use of the PinEdit Control.
The Manuel reads:
“For further information, see pinEditDevelopersGuide.pdf in the directory /cis/cispinedit/doc/”
Unfortunately I can’t find the Document nor the Directory in my CAI installation.
Can anybody send it to me?
Does anybody have experience with this control?

An Alternative would be to include the HTML Editor “TinyMCE” (in some extra IFrame). Does hanybody have experience how to exchange data with the Adapter in this situation?

Best regards,

Hi Matthias,

the documentation for pinedit is located in the following folder:


Best Regards,

Hi Christine,
thanx for the response.
Unfortunatly I don’t have the folder or pdf, I guess I need to buy this extension (I found something hinting this in the Doku).
Anyways, I don’t need the pdf anymore…

Thanks again,
best regards,