Canonical and Publishing Service

Hi All,

I have the service name of the publishing service of a canonical.How can I know which canonical it is publishing?

Is there a way to know which canonical its publishing with the usage of Service name. even vice versa would help…(u have canonical name and you want the IS Service Name which is publishing it…)

Any Info would be helpful…



Using the Developer, you can right-click on the service and click on “Find References”. This will show you every service/document type that service references. Similarly, you can right-click on the document type and click on “Find Dependents.” If you’re new to the product, I suggest getting familiar with the Developer User’s Guide.

  • Percio

Hi Percio,

I want to know this inside the service…I want to write some code to find this…sorry for not mentioning this earlier…

any info on this…



In the WmRoot package, you should be able to find services that will help you. Take a look at this folder in particular: wm.server.ns.dependency

As always: use of the WmRoot package is not supported. Use it at your own risk.

  • Percio