Cannot Start DEMO DB Getting Error -DBSLMM, Structure level mismatch on database

Installed Natural for Windows, But could not start DEMODB, getting the error as below.

C:\Natural-CE\Adabas\INSTALL>adastart 12
%ADASTA-I-STARTUP, Database 12 starting in background
%ADASTA-I-WAITING, Waiting for database 12 to come up …
%ADASTA-E-FAILED, Database 12 could not be started
%ADASTA-F-DBSLMM, Structure level mismatch on database

Please guide me through.


The “structure level mismatch” message is telling you that the version of Adabas you are running is incompatible with the version that created the data base. It may be possible to correct this with the ADACVT utility.