Cannot open Scheduler page on IS

Hello all,

We are unable to open scheduler page on IS admin console and the server was not running the jobs to be run and we got to restart the server and this will allow us to see the scheduler page and all the pending jobs are running as required. We are unable to find the root cause of this and when i am restarting the server i don’t see any service running from the service usage page.
FYI… we are on wM V 6.1
and this issue is happening very frequently.

So, can any of you of provide me some helpful tips to find the cause and to resolve this issue please?

Let me know for any other information.


try restarting the IS…


you may run out of the system thread for scheduled jobs.
check the admin page: Settings>Resources, to give “Server Thread Pool”: Max Threads a number at least twice at much of the number of your scheduled jobs.
Also, make sure you have: “Repeat after completion” for each job, so the same job won’t be triggered if the earlier run is not done

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