Cannot obtain user first and last name in report


I’m developing a centrasite report that at some point has to list user names that are associated with a certain asset.

When I try to get the user real name (“personName” attribute) I always get null, only when I use “name” I obtain a result but not exactly what I want as “name” is a network user name.

I checked the structure of “User” type and I get the following:

  • key
  • owner
  • name
  • description
  • submittingOrganization
  • classifications
  • organization
  • personName

The person name exists but is always null, in Centrasite the users have a first and last name attribute, but I cannot get them, can someone help me on this?

I’m using the following code to get the user name (only relevant code is shown):

declare function local:getUserName($node as node()) as xs:string
declare function local:followAssocOnce($entry as node(), $assoc as xs:string) as node()*
  for $key in $entry//cs:association
  return collection("CentraSite")/*[cs:key=$key]

let $managerConcept     := collection("CentraSite")/cs:concept[cs:key = "uddi:47c8a069-881a-11e2-b660-b3209cbe383c"]/cs:key
         for $user in local:followAssocOnce($project,$managerConcept)

Maybe a bit late… but have you tried this?

import module namespace ut = "";

let $user := ut:getUserName("uddi:fc21a166-... <key of the owner>")
return $user