Cannot login to MWS


Im new to webmethods and had never had hands of experience with it.
I got Integration Server to work fine and its connecting to oracle db and i can retrieve data using it successfully.
I’m trying to connect to MWS but getting the following error:
2011-04-19 15:20:45 EDT (Framework:FATAL) - [POP.004.0201] Cannot initialize MW
S, invalid database schema is specified

After browsing came to know that we have to create database using database component configurator but im getting following error:

  • Executing script : C:\SoftwareAG\common\db/scripts/oracle/componenttracker/25/create/ora_ctr_c_ddl.sql

Error: [sag-cjdbc42-0000][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-00959: tablespace ‘WEBMDATA’ does not exist
ORA-06512: at line 13
ORA-01403: no data found

Inputs selected:
Database Component: MywebMethodsserver
version: latest

RDBMS: oracle
url : jdbc:wm:oracle://localhost:1521;serviceName=oracle
user id; scott
password: tiger

Plz let me know.


It seems like MWS components were not loaded.When you installed IS and MWS you didn’t install the MWS components. Look into whether you’ve done this or not.
Beside that, check you IS Admin JDBC Pool connections and make sure they’re pointing to the correct DB and port number.

Hope this information can help you.:slight_smile:

Create following things in DB

1)create one schema and provide the required access.
2)create required Table spaces “WEBMDATA” and “WEBMINDX
3)Provide “Create view” and “create any view” s to created DB SCHEMA ACCOUNT

Then run the DBConfigurator script for generate the tables.