Cannot connect to Integration Server from MWS - 9.6 trial


I have installed MWS and Integration Server on my win8 machine. Both services start normally and can be accessed via browser on localhost:8585 and localhost:5555. However when I open My webMethods->SystemSettings->Servers and click server status I get a red light.

How can I figure out what is wrong? and correct it?


Is this a free trial or the paid licensed version?

Share the screen shots and also check the MWS logs for more details and kindly post the same.


yes this is trial. Actually I cannot find the logs, because I dont understand the structure of the installation.

screenshot is attached below


On IS admin pages: Settings > Resources
check if “Single Sign-On with My webMethods Server” is configured.

On your MWS screen change the localhost to and click on check server status, you will see a green light.