Cannot change user status of Document

Hi All

I am still a junior developer learning webMethods.

I believe I have a simple question.
I want to change the User Status of a document.
I invoke the service, and supply the bizdocid and the new user status. However the user status of the document does not change, the flow service just times out when I run it in Developer.
The user status of the document does not change?

I was wondering why this is so?

Hi All

I found the answer.
I was trying to modify the User Status of an existing document but I read in the webMethods TN Inbuilt Services manual you cannot use this service for an existing document.
This service can only be used for a new document.
To update an existing document you can use the


But what are you trying to actual update ProcessingStatus or UserStatus of the Document??

You can indeed update the already persisted document…do you see the bizdoc object in the pipeline?? ChangeStatus needs this input to update the existing document.


Hi Kelvin,

You should be able to use the service for an existing document. But you may need to invoke first to get the bizdoc.