Can X-Application used with scheme created by Scheme Editor

Dear all,

I am using Tamino v3.x and Scheme Editor 2.
I downloaded X-application 3.1.2 to use.
It always shows that scheme not found!
What can I do?

Dave Low

Hello Dave,

do you use Tamino 3.1?
Prerequisite for X-Application is Tamino 3.1.

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Thank you for your understanding.

Regards, Harald

Yes. I am using Tamino 3.1.1 Server

Dave Low

Hi Dave,

if you use Schema Editor 2 you create TSD2 schemas (Schema format of Tamino 2.3). You can still use and create these schemas with Tamino 3.1, but they are not visible for Tools that rely on TSD3 (Schema format of Tamino 3.1).

The recommendation is: use Schema Editor 3. It is included in Tamino 3.1.1 or available in the developer community (download)

For more information on the schema formats please check the Tamino Server documentation.

Regards, Harald

Yes it work.

Dave Low