can webMethods be used with telemetry transport protocol ?


Our customer has a business requirement where , they need the Telemetry Transport protocol (MQtt) to be used in integration . Can you please let us know if webMethods can be used with Telemetry Transport protocol .As an out of box facility , are there any plug -in’s which will help webMethods to use MQtt protocol.
Example : Our customer needs a integration solution which will monitor devices (here tanks) once the tank fills to certain level , the sensor sends a message which need to be handled by webMethods using telemetry transport protocol and processed.

Please share if you have any information.

Thanks In advance.

Ashish A Potnis

Hi Ashish,
As of now, webMethods IS/Broker doesn’t have any support for MQTT. Please contact SoftwareAG Support for more info.


You may have to depend on some custom solution (via web services,JDBC notifications/SP’s (Telemetry services/databases/EXTALARMS etc…). I don’t think SAG supports MQtt protocol yet unless some customers reach out and ask this feature in the next releases or so:


Ashish, you can post your request/ideas in Brainstorm…

Link: [URL][/URL]


Thanks for the reminder link:)

Thanks RMG and Senthil for your inputs on this question.
It seems that we need to check for some open source code to use with Wm for this implementation.
SAG confirmed it in an SR we raised for this question.
We are still discussing on this implementation , if we plan to go ahead with it I will surely keep this thread updated.

OK good luck: