Can we crease IS Document using JSON Schema?

We can create an IS document using JSON message.
Can we create IS Document using JSON Schema? (like we can create IS document using XML schema).
Is this supported in wM 9.6 ?

Yes, Create an IS document type from a source file, such as an XML Schema, DTD, XML
document, JSON object, or e-form template. wM 9.6 support this.

Thats what the documentation states. JSON object - does this imply JSON message or JSON Schema ?

Do you have a sample JSON?

Share it…

Please find attached sample. (609 Bytes)

You should be using JSON Shcema for converting to DocType and message is for sampling data.


I think designer takes json document, not schema in order to create a Document definition.
Did you try to load your file? the samplemessage.json file works fine for me.

@ Tong,

I guess you have tried it on wM 8.2 designer

@ Kalyan,

You can create document type using both the samples that you have attached in this thread on wM96.

Explore pub.json folder under WmPublic

We can create with both but they are not the same. The one created with JSON message is the correct structure.
The one created using the schema does not look to be a valid structure ??

If the message struncture works and did you try to contact/confirm with the source owner of the files and question the differrence?


JSON schema itself is also a JSON object.
WM won’t treat it as schema, I will treat it as a JSON document. If you do load it, the result is a structure of schema file, obviously not useful for processing the real JSON object.

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I don’t agree with your statement. :slight_smile:

It is just importing your xml file or the XSD. In your attached sample I see both sample JSON file with data and JSON schema.


Any update on this thread. I’m creating IS doc from JSON schema by naming it as .json file, however the structure created is not inline with what is intended.

webMethods is able to create the IS Doc from JSON schema file, however that’s not able to capture field level definitions like, Arrays and date Fields etc are coming up as just strings.

Please post if you have any updates.


Kindly share your IS details with fix details. Also attach the .json file.

Hi Siva,

Did you find any resolution for this? I am also facing similar kind of issue. Please, help me out if you find any solution.

Thanks in advance.

Attach your sample json file or schema with a more information on the issue you are facing.

Hi Deepika,

I went with an alternative approach. Got the JSON Schema converted into an XSD and used it.

I still, doubt the fixes or any extended settings at server level for it, not to work with JSON Schema.


Any update on this?
Seems like File>New>Document Type creates document from JSON Objects not JSON schemas