can u please tell me What way I can configer the WmModeler a

Hi can u please help i am unable to open the WmModeler 6.1 and monotor 6.1

i am expecting quick reply

thnx for ur reply


can you please be more specific in your question?

What components are installed on your IS server?
Which Versions/SPs/Fixes?
Which OS?

Is there a DB available? Monitor requires the use of a DB.

What exactly are you trying configure where?

Any error messages you get in the logs?

Documents to start with are the “webMethods Logging and Monitoring Guide” and the “Platform Installation/Administration Guides” available in the Bookshelf section on Advantage.


Also, do you have the webMethods Documentation? There are PDF’s available online (Bookshelf) that match what should be included in your installation. There should be an Administrator, Modeler, and Monitor Guide that you can reference for simple issues. Good day.

Yemi Bedu