Can TN Send email notification when IS FS fails?

We have Trading Networks that receive documents. After receiving the documents, it calls IS flow service. We are coding for exception handling.

So when the TN receives the documents and tries to invoke wM IS flow service, and if the IS is down, can TN send email to the support person.

Question: Can TN send emails when:
1. it can’t access IS flow service, because IS is down
2. IS Flow service throws exception, because of some failure in the code.

  1. No. If IS is down, TN is down.
  2. Yes but generally you’re better off if you use your own error handling framework. You can use TN profiles to manage who is to notified (e-mail addresses and such).

Trading Networks is a package that is hosted in IS. It doesn’t have its own run-time environment.

Thank you.

We have our own error handling in the IS Flow service. I thought we can do something (like sending email) when wM is down and when Partner submits xml to TN. What will the external partner receive, when wM is down if he/she posts the xml to TN during this time.

“IS Flow service throws exception, because of some failure in the code.”

You can put the logic in the IS flow service errorhandling logic itself incase if there are some failure in the process and send error emails (via pub.client:smtp) to notify support users…and also update the status of the TN document that failed to show up in the UserStatus tab and it helps for the support prospective…


For HTTP posts, they will get connection refused errors when IS is down.

For FTP puts, they will get a similar error.

You’ll want to have a production infrastructure such that downtime is minimal. This means multiple IS servers using a load balancing device. Avoid using “IS clustering” if you can.

You would do well to stop thinking of IS and TN as separate entities. TN is a module within IS. When someone posts to your server, they are posting to IS, which directs the data to a particular service, which may be a service within the WmTN package, according to the URL.

There are many threads and an eZine article available that describes why you should not let partners post to the TN receive service directly and how to create a secure entry (or gateway) service. Partners should post to your service, not to one provided by wM.

Thanks both Rob & RMG for their valuable inputs. I was thinking something different earlier regarding the issue discussed above. The discussion above cleared the things up for me.