Can Reports be run on the "Hours Logs" or on the "Activity Log"?

We have a client who wants to track the number of hours they are spending on a case. They need to be able to report on these numbers. We thought of using the “Hours Logged”. We know that there is a Global Picklist that controls the values in the drop-down list, so we can modify those as needed. But we have not been able to figure out how to report on the data values.

Is there a way to report on the “Hours Logged” data values?

We also have a client who wishes to be able to track changes in the value of a status field over time. This would allow them to know how long a process takes, as it moves from one status to another. The change in the value of the status field is tracked in the Activity List, since we have tracking turned on for that field.

The issue is that we have not been able to find a way to report on the Activity List. Is there a way to do so?


Hi Howard Dunlavy,

For Question #1 :>
By making use of HoursLogged object, you can report data on this by exporting it using views.

For this to be done,

  1. Move HoursLogged object from Resource Sharing to current application (GearIcon → Resource Sharing → move HoursLogged object from Available to Selected)
  2. Make this object available as a tab
    • Objects → Object Properties → check available as tab
    • Preferences → Tab Preferences → move HoursLogged object from Available to Selected
  3. Relogin, then Click on the HoursLogged Tab → Choose more options in view (DownArrow) → Export as CSV/HTML to use it for reporting.

For Question #2 :>
To find hours took for a case to get closed(on status change), use a business rule on updation by setting criteria as status closed and updating the field(create a new Textfield) using available functions which calculates it. Finally, make use of this field value in report.

Example : TEXT( (FLOOR( DATESUB(NOW(), date_created))*24) + HOUR(NOW())) this returns the number of hours calculated from case creation date.

Shashank G

Thanks very much Shashank, I will try these ideas.